hello! probably, you don't know me, i'm aware of that. I've left we heart it for more than 1 year because I was so sick of it, I started being obsessed over themes (in my account @inesvjk) and that's the reason why I left. But guess what.... reality changes :) I have lot's of things to post and to heart, as a fanpage so many comeback photos I missed and so so.

I'll talk about me, just a little bit. I'm Inês, 14, portuguese. As you can figure I don't speak english fluently and have many grammar errors. I love kpop: that's what this account is about. I love BTS, NCT and EXO over everything. My utt is Chanyeol. I love puppies, so does Jungwoo.
I play stardoll (maggie_r2) and Love Nikki (100622005).
I love you all!