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heyo it me, jenna! i've been here for years now so i thought it was about time i introduce myself and the things i'm interested in etc etc. i'm turning 19 this month, but ehhh i definitely don't feel like an adult yet (i mean it's a relative term but i cant take care of myself for shit tbh)
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i'm super happy it's finally spring again, since winters where i live are super cold and snowy. one of my fave things in the world is sitting on my front porch on a summer evening and looking at the sun setting over the lake.
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i love singing, playing the piano, dancing & theater more than anything and my biggest dream/job aspiration is to do something to do with those fields for the rest of my life. i've applied to universities majoring in acting and jazz music, so i rly hope i get accepted to one of those this autumn.
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writing is one of my biggest passions too and it's a huge dream of mine to be a published author/poet one day. i've kinda already got a poetry book in the making, but we'll see if it ever actually goes anywhere... songwriting's something i do v actively tho.
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i've also got a youtube channel in where i upload covers and lil aesthetic vlogs and i'm super keen on photography and filming in general. (i use a sony a5000 for all my work in case u'r interested)
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i consider myself an aesthetic person or at least a lover of all things beautiful, unique & creative. expressing myself through art, music, writing and clothing is super important to me, despite me being an absolute sucker for just staying home in my comfy oversized sweater and yoga pants, my doggos next to me, laptop on my lap, and listening to radiohead's 'daydreaming' rather than going outside.

wow this became a novel real quick but i hope you got to know me better and don't completely regret using your time reading this and that u'r well <3

- Jenna

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