Joker'a face in episode 7 pained me. He knows how horrible it is and how absolutely disgusting it is for the child to fall. Everything that is put on him is a guilt trip from Kelvin. Kelvin’s excitement makes me feel sick. He knows what he is doing. All in attempt to be like them (I’ve read the manga). Ciel’s words to describe Kelvin weren’t nearly enough. I hate him. In the third screencap, I feel like Joker is silently thanking Sebastian so he doesn’t have to feel anymore guilt. That’s not a face of “Why the hell are you stopping the show?” its, “this is horrible, please forgive me!” Joker isn’t a bad guy, he’s manipulated. He should resist, but resisting against an abuser is something so many people can’t do because they’re afraid. Joker thinks he was saved by Kelvin but all that has happened was better living conditions on the agreement of obedience.