Hii, how are you ? I'm back for an other article, the ABC tag ! I saw it on several accounts and I really liked the concept so here we go !

A - Age


B - Best Movie

joker, heath ledger, and batman image joker, batman, and the joker image
The Dark Knight (Batman)

C - Current Time

18:18 pm

D - Drink you last drank


E - Everyday starts with

sending my streaks on Snapchat

F - Favorite song

zayn malik and zayn image zayn and zayn malik image
I think I'm gonna make a playlist soon but my song of the moment is Let me by Zayn

G - Grossest Memory

I don't really remember any gross memory right now

H - Height

about 170 cm

I - In love with

Image removed aesthetic, alternate, and black image aesthetic, aesthetics, and food image music, lisztomania, and quotes image
Looking at the sky, art, food and music

J - Jealous of

people who travel a lot

K - Killed sommeone


L - Last time you cried

Image removed pink, pop art, and comic image
It was about one month ago

M - Middle name

I don't have any

N - Number of sibling

I don't have any either

O - One wish

Be happy and never stop to learn and to see beautiful landscapes

P - Person last you called

My mom

Q - Question you are always asked

"You sure you're okay ?"

R - Reasons to smile

friends, rainbow, and waterfall image Image by G Temporarily removed dog, animal, and puppy image
Friends, pretty colors, a good book/movie, seeing a cute pet in the street

S - Song you last sang

Image removed
Lezarman - Vald (french rapper)

T - Time you woke up

11:00 I'm on Holidayyys

U - Underwear color


V - Vacation place

Temporarily removed nature, sky, and clouds image
I have so many favorite vacation places but right now I really want to travel to Portugal or Iceland

W -Worst habit

Procrastinatig and falling in love too fast

X - X-Rays you've had

My teeths not so long ago and my back

Y - Your favorite food

Temporarily removed

Z - Zoo animals you like

animals, big cats, and Connor image flamingo, pink, and animal image Image removed Temporarily removed
Tigers, Flamingos, Crocodiles and Elephants

So, this is the end of the article, hope you liked it and that you learned to know me a little bit more, have a good day, or a good night and see ya soon for an other article !

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