YES YES YES another article!!!!

I'm having a bad fever, so that is why I didn't post as much as I normally would :(
BUT I got bored and I don't have the power to do other things (this sounds so dramatic but I'm okay thooo hahaha)





Today, photograpy tips yayy.
I looove taking pictures with my camera, but you also can use your phone! Nowadays, smartphones have such good picture quality!

so lets get started,

★ spot the shot

Good places to take your pictures make your photos look like you've put a lot of effort in it already. Find the best cafes, go to the park, or the beach is a good idea too!

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★ take someone with you

When I want to take pictures of myself and I don't have my sister or a friend near me, I always struggle because you have to like put the self-timer on, and it is so awkward bc everyone's watching lol.

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★ get close

Close-ups are a great way to show something that is special or beautiful, or to accentuate something.

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★ capture movement

Pictures come alive when you shoot something thats moving. (use long exposure settings) take photos of moving animals, or lots of people together in one place. (for example)

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★ pets

they are just way to cute, plus you'll have a great memory of your lovely animal!

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that's it! thanks for reading!

lots of love

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