Ciao Miei Angeli! Today's article is going to be about how to lead an organised lifestyle whether that be for school, work or to help with Feng Shui. Nevertheless, I hope you all enjoy reading!

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1) Tidy your space

I myself tend you feel more at ease and mentally organised when the physical things around me are also organised. It makes things so much easier to find things and generally makes you more motivated to get things done rather than if you had a pile of laundry heaped on an array of once flat surfaces. The key to this though is to remember to put things back where they were once you have finished using them.
An easy way to organise things is by using named boxes, folders and desk trays. Go through things that you aren't sure if you need or not and think about maybe selling a few things or giving them to charity.

Another big part of tidying your space is to clean it regularly as well to maintain that organisation.

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2) Start Managing Your Time and Write Things Down

I prefer not to go my memory and like writing things down such as writing daily to-do lists and writing any appointments or extra activities down in my phone calendar, having it remind me about it two hours prior. If you have a particularly hard time with anything in general, it may be good to also keep a journal that you can update every so often to keep track of your moods or maybe fitness or academic goals.

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3) Make a Schedule/ Plan

Making a daily, weekly or monthly plan ca be of great use, especially for when it comes to revision uses and to keep track of extra curricular activities. I personally love to make them (and follow them) since in the end I feel more accomplished and know I'm making it easier to get closer to my goals that way.
This can also come under managing time since you are planning for the days/ weeks ahead but I find this to be so important that I felt the need to make it into it's own category.

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Welp, thats it from me, until next time! <3

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