summertime is upon us! which means we will slowly have to adapt our wardrobes to the weather - finally if you ask me. it's midway april and i still freeze half of the day away? don't get it.
but anyway, here are my few tips and tricks and ideas as to how i will spice up my wardrobe for spring and summer!

first off; here is my article on inspiration for basic 90s style

read along!


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colours i'm obsessed with this year are red, yellow, green and blue! these bright colours give me such a summery vibe, i love it


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this year i'm insanely obsessed with the cold shoulder/off shoulder thing! + these past years i haven't really been into cropped top, but i've grown really secure of myself and i wanna give the cropped top thing a go! also i love ripped tops, so i need to purchase more of those. and then of course: loose fitted shirts.


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i just recently purchased some iron-on patches for my jeans, so they will look brand new! + alongside that i also got some yellow jeans, yay! then i think i'll try to get my hands on some new, loose denim shorts, adidas track-shorts and perhaps a new wrap-skrit.

dresses ect.

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playsuirts & jumpsuits in patterns. and ... SLIP DRESSES. do i need say more?


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i love love love swimsuits and bathing suits and ugh. the best thing about summer.


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when it comes to shoes i'm sadly very basic. i can't help it. THESE are shoes you'll se me wearing this spring/summer. /note; my slippers are not this brand. mine are from h2o with a weird golden/hole detail on the band./

if you wanna dig further into the 90s universe you can also find my collection dedicated to the century here:

that's it you guys! thanks for reading x
hope everything and everyone is treating you with kindness! x

- glittermxxd