H ! E ! L ! L ! O ! I adore fashion even though I don't really show it on my account. I watched the Devil Wears Prada yesterday and since some outfits in the movie are plain marvelous I thought it'd be fun if I made a lookbook inspired by the movie. Most of the pieces within the outfit will be a bit different from the original look because fashion has changed since then. So it will be styled so it is more up to date. Without further do:

โ‡จ Look #1

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The thing about this look is that you can change lots about and still make it look good. This look can be done in black or white and is extremely classy and works well with winter our autumn. If you don't have a long trench coat just wear a skirt and top under that will work well with the rest of the outfit.

โ‡จ Look #2

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This isn't my favorite look mostly because of that hideous purse she has. Luckily you can replace it with any other one that suits one. This one is very girl boss. Find yourself an oversized black jacket and if you can find one with a white outline like hers it's even better. Her necklace didn't really work for me but a simple gold one will do you just fine. For the leggings and boots, try finding ones with the same color tone.

โ‡จ Look #3

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This look isn't one of her worse ones. You can vary the style and type of everything in this look. From thigh boots to ankle, and platform to stiletto. The tights are really if its a bit more chilly maybe if you're going out at night. The coat I suggested above is a velvety one that is just the right length. As for the handbag and jewelry: Any black one that goes with the outfit is fine, for the jewelry wear multiple ones and maybe try longer ones.

โ‡จ Look #4

fashion, the devil wears prada, and meryl streep image
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Here we have an outfit from Miranda herself. I the first thing I want to mention is that you don't need a fancy dress to complete this look. A simple one is just fine. I adore this outfit I think mostly because of how much confidence she has when she wears it. I think that is one of the most important things when wearing an outfit is confidence. Because if you like what you wear and you feel good in it you can rule the world.

โ‡จ #5

Anne Hathaway image
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This is definitely one of my favorite looks that she wears. It's so simple and perfect. It's just black and white and pearls which just works so well. The white layered blouse with the sweater is just ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿฝ. If you can find a longer pearl necklace it would be even better. The outfit below is almost the same except for the way she layered the top which I liked way more than the one above. I also adored the addition of the newsboy cap but I didn't like the pattern of it so I recommend the black one below.

chanel and fashion image
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Well, folks, we've come to end once again. I hope you liked this article and remember there are always more them coming. Thank you for reading and check out my articles:

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