hi everyone !! :')
i'm mika (not my real name lol), and first of all; thank you for taking the time to check this out !
so yeah, uh, basically i'm looking for internet friends or maybe a group of internet friends to join...?
so a bit more about myself;
- i'm quite young actually
- my ults are nct, exo and seventeen but i stan a lot of other groups too
- i like anime but don't have much time nowadays
- i'm really into 9 percent at the moment
- i'm dutch !
- i identify myself as a cis girl and pansexual :''')

and yeah, uh, that's basically it lol
also, i would prefer instagram or kik but twitter, tumblr and weheartit is fine too !! so pls send me a postcard ,,, my ig is @zhxngtxngs and my tumblr is huangxxxi,,, and! my twitter is sxftsxho as well uwu
pls like me :']