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Anyways, just like last time, I'm doing this for fun and some you might already know. Here we goooo...

Jumpy Songs

  • Hello EVERYD4Y - Winner
  • La La EVERYD4Y - Winner
winner, mino, and kpop image
the cutest bunch <3
  • 항상 HANGSANG Hope World - j-hope (feat. Supreme Boi)
Image by cludam
♡ my bias forever ♡
  • She's Gone Big Wave - Jung Ilhoon
btob, ilhoon, and minhyuk image
i love love him
  • Playdate Blooming Days - EXO-CBX
  • Vroom Vroom Blooming Days - EXO-CBX
exo, Chen, and xiumin image
❀ my favorite ❀
  • New Heroes New Heroes - Ten
Temporarily removed
he's amazinggggg ☆☆
  • Everything Return - Ikon
  • Love Me Return - Ikon
Temporarily removed
they are so IKONic 。:°ஐ
  • Thinkin' about You Director's Cut - Seventeen
Image by nadjat taehyung
can't get over them ღ´͈ ᵕ `͈ )♡⃛(´͈ ᵕ `͈ ღ

Cute Beat

  • 겨울잠 Hibernation Spring Falling - Yesung
super junior, yesung, and korean image
  • 오빠 Oppa Oppa - Yu Seung Woo & Sandeul
guitar, korean, and kpop image
➸ incredible singer
  • Ring My Bell 함부로 애틋하게 Uncontrollably Fond (OST)
uncontrollably fond and suzy image
cuteeee ๑ˊૢᵕˋૢ๑
  • 하얀소녀 White Love THE CLAN, Pt. 2 <Guilty> - Monsta X
  • 백설탕 Sweetheart THE CLAN, Pt. 1 <Lost> - Monsta X
kpop, minhyuk, and i.m image
the cutestttt bunch ˘͈ ૢᵕ ˘͈


like last time, i'll be adding when i can :)

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