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Today I'll be doing the my name in colors tag. I was tagged by my lovely friend Kaya. You can find her article and WHI account here.

Now, lets get started!

☆ P A U L I E N ☆

1 | peach

aesthetic, peach, and peachy image bts, peach, and quotes image

2 | amber

autumn, fashion, and fall image flowers, yellow, and nature image

3 | ultramarine

blue, dark, and aesthetic image blue, grunge, and theme image

4 | lime green

green, lime, and food image drink, summer, and green image

5 | indigo

blue, style, and fashion image blue, indigo, and powder image

6 | ecru

caps, clothes, and clothing image fashion, style, and sweater image

7 | new york pink

city, new york, and sky image makeup, eyeshadow, and nars image

♥ | tagging other hearters


♥ | the end

☆ catch me in oblivion ☆
☆ catch me in oblivion ☆
☆ paulien ☆
☆ paulien ☆
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