Here is my name : L Y S E

L - Lilac

sky, grunge, and pink image frases, qoute, and qoutes image cor, lilac, and фотография image aesthetic, cutie, and kpop image ice cream, food, and rose image Temporarily removed

Y - Yellow

Inspiring Image on We Heart It aesthetic, beauty, and girls image art, flowers, and yellow image yellow, aesthetic, and tumblr image yellow and flowers image Temporarily removed

S - Sky blue

Image removed sky, blue, and vans image aesthetic, alone, and blue image art, aesthetic, and sea image aesthetic, beautiful, and blue image aesthetic and blue image

E - Emerald

green, aesthetic, and locker image snake, green, and aesthetic image aesthetic, alternative, and emerald image green, feather, and aesthetic image green, neon, and kiss image book, green, and aesthetic image
That's it !
i love you all