Dear Love,

Can you answer some questions for me?

Is it wrong that after all these years of convincing myself that things were just supposed to be this way, I still think of the things we could have spoken to each other?

Is it wrong that I just wanted more from our so-called friendship?

Is it wrong that after reading so many inspirational moving on thoughts, I am still stuck in the labyrinth of my past?

Is it wrong that I still have second thoughts before talking to a guy online?

Is it wrong that I still cry over the fact that you are happy somewhere, probably f**king some great bitches' every day while I am stuck with some useless paperwork?

Is it wrong that I am still trying to figure out what actually happened between us and why we didn't get to say goodbye?

Is it wrong that I am still possibly and rather hopelessly in love with you while you have probably forgot about a girl who just walked into your life and accepted you with the mess you had created in your life?

I know that you can't answer these questions, because they may just go the Spam section of your G-mail which you never open and just move everything to trash. But I really hope that at least once, just out of curiosity, you take a look at the Spam messages and think that my messages are not all spam. They are filled with anger, with hope, with the desire to move on, with the craving of you replying to me at least once.

With love