Hello lovelies!

As a preface I would like to note that I don't have perfect glowing skin. I've struggled with acne for 7+ years now and I've finally found a system that is helping me grow out of my bad skin. I am however at a comfortable point where I'm confident enough to quit my concealer and foundation hell I've been living in. Sorry if this gets a little long but skin is so important so I wanted to hit all the bases. Here are the tips and tricks I've learned in skincare.

My skin background: Combo to super dry skin. I'm 20yo and live in Minnesota (dry winters). Moderate acne, not solely focused on any specific facial region. Super red/ pink undertones. Non smoker.

1. Wash your hands!
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I don't want to say any ONE specific step is the most important but this step is major! Before washing your face in the morning or night you should wash your hands first (with soap). While skincare tip #1 is to not touch our skin, when we wash our faces and are allowed to touch our skin, we aren't properly cleaning first.
2. Exfoliation can be your enemy
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I should say HARSH exfoliation can be your enemy. Instead of attacking your skin by rubbing exfoliates into your face, try using your exfoliator like a buffer. Massage gently onto your face, let the scrub do the work for you. Other options (like I use) are a hand towel that I wet with cold to room temp water and gently wipe the grime off my face. I use this method everyday as I have dry flakey skin and my pores clog so fast.
3. The right kind of product for you
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When finding your product, stick to it. I have redness and dryness to deal with so I use a very mild cream cleanser (Clinique redness solutions soothing cleanser) that I massage into my skin. Then as a second step for moisture I use Ponds cold cream cleanser (green cap), which I recommend to anyone no matter your skin type. While when you wash it can feel greasy, I promise it soaks into your skin. If you have oily skin you should still try to incorporate a moderate moisturizer such as this one (drying your skin out will NOT help). - Do some research on products for your skin type, drugstore is as good as any, Cetaphil is a good brand for mild cleanser also.
4. The ground work
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- face rag 2 uses
- face drying (hand) towel 1 week of use
- pillow on bed change every week ( if you have oily hair you may have to do it more often)
-moisturize even oily skin ( a little on the pricey side but when I want a really mild moisturizer I use Too Faced Hangover Rx primer as a face lotion, very soothing)

5. Makeup
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I'm not going to be cliché and tell you that you should quit wearing makeup or that makeup is your enemy, it's not. You can still enjoy makeup. Recently I've quit using foundation and concealer because my skin has been so nice lately. For you, if you still want to wear a full face makeup a good trick is to look up foundation/ concealer oil tests or do your own. I always opted for foundation with a slight oil content because otherwise my face would feel so dry and flakey throughout the day. That is really key because I know I've spent a fortune on products just to find out they don't work with my skin.

Taking makeup off: I used regular drug store (non name brand) wipes (for my foundation when I wore it), you can use whatever you like. Make sure you are not using your wipe as a face cleanser and calling it a day, wipe your face then do your cleansing routine.

Pack: I always have a facial spray in my bag for when my face feels a little tired or gross through out the day. A facial spray is good for both oily and dry skin because it refreshes and it can feel like you freshly washed your face, minimizing oily sheen.

My favorite facial spray products are:

  • Avene thermal spring water (good for redness)
  • Mario Badescu (green bottle, cucumber, aloe, green tea)
  • Evian natural mineral water facial spray
6. Don't drown yourself
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Water is important in healthy skin care but you don't need to force yourself to drink so much. Start by pacing yourself, eventually your body will work up a natural thirst and build up your water intake to a healthy level. I'm up to (depending on the days activities) 48 to 72 fl oz a day (6-9 cups).

Thank you all for the read, remember that it's all a process. You aren't going to be cured overnight but once you start the journey you'll get closer and closer to your goal. I myself haven't reached my goal but I'm so so so happy with my skin's progress so far. Hopefully some of these tips can help you in your skins journey.

Feel free to message me with and questions, comments, concerns, or recommendations! Let me know if you want me to do a "my beauty routine" article if your still curious.

🍀, Olivia