it all starts from your eyes that's why I like you. I like your eyes I might somehow mean I like your gaze to me. stupid gaze you make me like you too all this time. wait this for 2 years but like 2 century haha. this is not what I'm going to tell you, I want to tell you how I like him.
the start of the 10th grade I saw him coming, "he's handsome, he's tall, but he's creepy" okey I admirate him admire not to wish or like him. for a year I was not close to him or rarely playing with him.
I'm in the same class with him in 11th grade "yey class again" somehow even though I never like a classmate in class 10 but do not like him. but my heart was happy when he was in his class. 11th grade I'm close as a friend with him. wow i really like that, no i dont like him but i can forget because i like my class brother. class 11 okey okay i will be honest to myself yes i like him.
class 12 again "ha him again? when can i move?" continued in the next article ya already finished, I've finished the exam for grade 12, but not for this problem I'll tell you in the next article. thank you! hopefully likes