《Get a seat sweety, I'm gonna tell you a story. Your story, the one of your ancestors.
It's a story which learn you that only the family's love and the blood's link are the better destructor weapon.

A long time ago, was a day where the sun illuminated the sky but the cold feel like has the death which to go to beat down on these northern countries.
The Queen Astrid made come to the Kingdom of the King Jacob her kind for prepare to a war enters powerfull forces. The Guardians were together after 160 years during which they were seperate. The love, the power and the jealousy's separate those majestic creatures, conecting by a spell but destroy by the thirst of revenge.
The eternal life was the reasons of these hasty reunion, because the guardians were facing a danger. Their creators wanna end up their existence, and the humans had one such hatred to the guardians on which they decided to fight for kill all these monsters, in the way they said.
Then, with bravely King Jacob, Queen Astrid and Queen Erin fought together, the three Ancestors were gathered.
It was the roughest night of winter and the full moon was so bright which was reflected in the mortal sword of the men.
The four clans were reunited face to face, the witches, the mens and the guardians. 
The war rough and long, the witches were powerfull and the guardians were not strong enough for win this battle, and the Men were smart. Also the witches had an advantage on the gaurdians, they were in a perfect union. While the king and queens been disunited and do not trust anymore them.
The Ancestors can be more strong than their adversaries but for that, they must to be united and don't let jealousy and bitterness diceided for their death.
They didn't win this battle but didn't loose the war. 
After a few days the guardians put aside their various and together fought, conecting by the blood and the hope to save their own kind of this disastrous fates that the war is going to pull.
After long months, the hatred enters the ennemies and the guardians perpetuate.
Nothing and nobody can say who win this war and today again. But we know that the love and the hope save them.》

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