Often times I like to think about living in fictional places where things are magical or simpler. To live the life of a wizard, princess, or even simply just a normal person in a different or unique world. Some of the places I imagine are places from different books, movies, or tv shows I watch.
Here a couple fictional places that I wish existed:


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I mean who wouldn't want to live in castle full of magic.


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An island kingdom full of dancing and singing.

Howl's Moving Castle

배경, 하울, and 하울의 움직이는 성 image howl's moving castle, anime, and ghibli image anime, ghibli, and gif image anime and howls moving castle image
Breathtaking place to relax and take a nap.


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A magical place to explore and venture around the kingdom.

Mystic Falls

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This town wasn't always a safe and happy place, but it was filled with the most amazing characters and tons of parties and balls.


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Practically paradise full of fun people and a beach.


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Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. This place seems super cozy and full of mysterious creatures, which is awesome.

China (Mulan)

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Mulan is a Disney classic. It is filled with many beautiful scenery and colors.


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H2O Just Add Water

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Enchanted Forest

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