1. Crop Tops

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An easy way to stay cool and show off your own style is with crop tops. Low back, bejeweled, lace, there are so many ways to wear these festivals must-haves.

2. Two-piece set

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This is definitely what I would wear. It's so easy to throw the two on not worrying if they'll go together. Foolproof and on trend.

3. Glitter

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Whether it's on your face of your clothes glitter is a MUST at festivals. Sparkle your way into the night in any colour you like!

4. Big Jewelry

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Turn people's head in a way that's positive. Layer as many as you like and make them big and silver.

5. White

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If none of the above feel like your vibe don't worry just wear white! Wearing white will keep you cool and looking effortlessly chic all night!

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