Hi WHIers! I know I literally disappeared after that first article and I'm sorry but you know LIFE happens to us sometimes and we just can't help but work with it.

I know most people start planning/creating their new years resolutions as soon as the year begins, but obviously that's not me lol because that's what today's article is all about.


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I am a sucker for putting others before myself, like I really hate how much I value the opinion of other people that just doesn't see me for me, you know? I really do think all this stems from having such a low self-esteem growing up and the growing need to please people all the time. I really want to learn to put myself first, and to put the opinion of myself from others last!


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Okay, so I'm guessing this is a common thing to put on your yearly new year's resolution list, right? yea, me too! But I'm completely determined this year. I want to prove my younger self wrong. I want to learn to be more consistent with my goals, my health, my fitness journey, my YouTube channel, being more social, and just simply learning to not be so normal all the times!.

I tend to start something for a few days, and then go on a really long break and just not finding the inspiration nor motivation to just get back at it (even though I really want to). I never want to do something and not give it my best, so I like to plan and make sure everything is perfect, and can I just say, that, too, doesn't make a difference. I end up making unrealistic plans and just never get anything done. If you got or even know someone who can give ya girl some tips on how i can be more consistent, please don't hesitate to message me :)


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Okay, hold on. I don't spend a lot nor anything like that, but I don't save a lot either. What i really want to improve this year is the amount of times I go to the bank and deposit. I want to improve the amount of money I usually save monthly and times I visit the bank and bank my savings.


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Ya girl has a very very high fashion sense but my pockets aren't really that deep lol. So I tend to just normal casual style; a cute comfy look almost all the times and I'm tired of it tbh but what can I do?
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That's why I love WeHeartIt because there are _literally so much articles and pictures on here of how you can be "BOUJ'EE on a Budget and I'm living for them! So that's something I want to try out this year! Fingers crossed & wish me luck!


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Ugh, sad to say I love Photography but i hate taking photos of myself. I don't know why. They just never come out the way I wanted them to and when I take several shots of myself, I tend to just get frustrated and just give up on continuing to try to get the perfect picture. Like why is it that you can take awesome pictures for your friends, but when its your turn you just end up looking like a egg wearing ripped jeans and sandals lol

- And this is only a small amount of my life goals for this year, if you guys would like to hear the rest of them please comment down below or maybe even message me, I love to talk to you.