Article about another one of original characters, Lennon Ziolkowski.
Based off of another one of my articles:

-Full Name: Lennon Maria Ziolkowski
-Nickname(s): Lennie, LM, Zio
-Named after John Lennon
-Face-claim: Madelaine Petsch

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-Birthday: April 19
-Age: 17
-Astrological sign: Aries
-Height: 5'8" or 68 inches

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-Nationality: American
-Ethnicity: Polish, Swedish, English, and Candian

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-Parents: Everett and Josephine Ziolkowski
-Sibling(s): Evan(20), Averie(15), Rohan(19), and Harrison(13)
-Pet(s): Rainbow(calico kitten), Oreo(puppy), and Hercules(dog)

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-Favorite food: Pizza
-Favorite singer(s): Bebe Rexha
-Favorite album: 'Dookie' by Green Day
-Favorite TV show: American Horror Story

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-Celebrity crush: Jesse Rutherford of The Neighbourhood

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-Occupation(s): Catcher for softball team, YouTuber, Point Guard for basketball team, and works at the local movie theater

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-Significant other: Jake Warren

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-Best friend(s): Mia Taylor, Charlize Andrews, Jake Warren, and Arabella Jonson

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-Theme song: Everybody's Watching Me (Uh Oh)