so like most people i guess, I've experienced overthinking. it happens in different situations, places, times etc. i'm also a big "fan" of daydreaming and night-thinking, or simply inventing impossible scenarios in my head. The problem is, when you overthink, your judgments get cloudy and your stress gets elevated. You spend too much time in the negative. It can become difficult to act.
so lately I've been feeling a little suffocated from my mind and thoughts, and have found a few ways of tuning it all down a tad:) and i wanted to share some of them with you.
here are 11 helps, that aren't all mine but i think are helpful.
have fun reading..

1/ Build a transportable comfort zone.
i loooooove listening to music, and personally it really calms me and makes me feel better. it kinda gives me an armour against the outer world when i have my earplugs in. it just really gives me a little comfort zone outside of my comfort zone.
if music isn't your thing,then maybe some special clothes or necklace, something that makes you feel better.

2/ Let it go for a while.
sleep of course. lately I've been so tired and sick of my reality i've just slept the whole time. it gives you a good break and after it you're ready for a new start.

3/ Distract yourself.
sounds stupid but except for sleeping in my case it works best. examples:

- read a book.
find your book genres and read as if your life depended on it. it empties your mind and heart, because you plunge in another world, in another person's life and get a break. you just need T H A T book where you just have to read the next page and it will be so relieving.
reading books is also very good for your health and mind because it enlarges your vocabulary knowledge, gives you more creativity and doesn't imply any electronic device. ( except for e-readers of course)

- watch a movie or a serie.
sounds really stupid, but for those who don't like reading a lot and when you're tired, it's great. it has the same effects as reading, but you can't do it without limits because this one implies electronic devices.
you can do this for free on different websites, on youtube, or with paying on netflix. of course you can also borrow some movies from a friend or in a media library.

- Go outside and meet people.
meet a friend, make plans and go out with them. it will give your mind some air and stop you from feeling too blue.

4/ Spend some quality time outside.
go to the beach, do sports, go outside. this will make you happy, especially if it's nice weather, you can also do this with a friend.

5/ Be creative.
leave your mind and heart the space to do whatever you and them feel like. you could play an instrument or sing, draw or paint. you could also write your emotions and thoughts out (one of my personal favorites).

6/ Awareness is the beginning of change.
Before you can begin to address or cope with your habit of overthinking, you need to learn to be aware of it when it's happening. Any time you find yourself doubting or feeling stressed or anxious, step back and look at the situation and how you're responding. That moment of awareness is the seed of the change you want to make.

7/ Put things into perspective.
It's always easy to make things bigger and more negative than they need to be. The next time you catch yourself making a mountain out of a molehill, ask yourself how much it will matter in five years. Or, for that matter, next month. Just this simple question, changing up the time frame, can help shut down overthinking.

8/ Change your view of fear.
Whether you're afraid because you've failed in the past, or you're fearful of trying or overgeneralizing some other failure, remember that just because things did not work out before does not mean that has to be the outcome every time. Remember, every opportunity is a new beginning, a place to start again.

9/ Put a timer to work.
Give yourself a boundary. Set a timer for five minutes and give yourself that time to think, worry, and analyze. Once the timer goes off, spend 10 minutes with a pen and paper, writing down all the things that are worrying you, stressing you, or giving you anxiety. Let it rip. When the 10 minutes is up, throw the paper out and move on--preferably to something fun. i personally didn't know this idea but i love it.

10/ Accept your best.
The fear that grounds overthinking is often based in feeling that you aren't good enough--not smart enough or hardworking enough or dedicated enough. Once you've given an effort your best, accept it as such and know that, while success may depend in part on some things you can't control, you've done what you could do.

11/ Be grateful.
You can't have a regretful thought and a grateful thought at the same time, so why not spend the time positively? Every morning and every evening, make a list of what you are grateful for. Get a gratitude buddy and exchange lists so you have a witness to the good things that are around you

sooo i know this isn't that much but it's a start.. not all of these are mine. if you have any constructive feedbacks or more idea to this subject, please feel free to tell me:)
aaahhh this is so exciting, my very first article!!!!!!