Hi guys ! After my little depressive text I want to come back with good vibes so here is my this or that challenge.

Skirts or Shorts

jean, legs, and party image Image by daddy'sonlyprincessforever

Sun or Storm ⚡️

Image removed clouds, thunder, and sky image
The calm before the storm

Tea or Coffee ♨

Temporarily removed Image removed
I literally drink coffee all day

Smoking or Non-smoking 🚬

Image by ε=ε=ε=? girl, cigarette, and grunge image
I'm trying to stop

High Heels or Sneakers

adidas, shoes, and sneakers image puma, shoes, and 👟 image
Definitely sneakers

Bad Boys or Good Boys ☾

Image removed Mature image

Summer or Winter ❆

Image by Lera457 Image by Lera457

Early bird or Night owl

Temporarily removed blue, dark, and aesthetic image

Silver or Gold

gold, rose gold, and paint image Temporarily removed
Rose gold* I know it's cliche

Europe or America

california, los angeles, and palm trees image newyork, nyc, and centralpark image
I live in Europe so I really want to discover America

Spring or Autumn ❀

Image by Crimson Image by Thousand Years
Love autumn colors

Wine or Beer 🍺

Temporarily removed party, grunge, and alcohol image
Belgium girl ✌

Tattoos or Piercings?

Mature image Temporarily removed
I have both so

Think before you talk or Talk before you think

quotes, think, and grunge image Temporarily removed

Inspired by :

Find yourself ♡