Hello, hello, hello and welcome to another article of this account! In this article I'm gonna mention the value of our body. I believe that it's dedicated to girls, because we have more insecurity about our body image than boys. I am not an expert, but I would like to talk about this issue which overwhelms many of us today. It's more common to be appeared in teenagers. In this age a lot of teenage girls feel insecured ,not only about their body, but also about theirself.

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So, the first reason that is responsible for our body image is the society that we live in. Society idealizes a specific image for our body and everybody wants to have it. They think that this body is the right and beautiful image. Everyone does its best to gain it. However, we have to realize that every single body is beautiful and acceptable.

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Secondly, advertising is responsible as much as the society is, because advertising creates our society. When a teenager watches TV and the only thing that sees during advertising is slimming creams, ways to be more slim, how to get fit at home etc, then her/his mind will copy that and will think that he/she isn't beautiful. Don't leave the advertisements drive your mind.

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It's not that we aren't beautiful. It's that they're trying to tell us that we're not. They wantus to feel weaked, unimportant and insecured. We have to make a revolution by loving oure body the way it is. Stop eating nothing, beacause then you will have eating disorders. Stop treating yourself like a piece of shit. Yourself deserves everything you give to your friends or to your family.

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Being different is beautiful. Everybody has something different and that's what makes every human. The personality is what builds us, our body is the outward apperance. Don't be so hard on yourself.

The way you treat yourself is self-respect.
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Nothing is wrong with you.

Hey you! Yes, you! You are reading this right now. You are beautiful, important, acceptable, cute, confident, happy, enough, your image shines the whole room when you get inside....
Therefore, don't hate yourself. Life is short. We need and we are going to be loved. Don't be scared to express your heart and your soul.

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~ Start again. From the beggining. This is the day one. ~

That's it for today! I hope you liked it! Please start rethinking about what you believe about your body. YOU ARE PRETTY. Send a poscard about your thoughts for this issue. Don't hesitate to express your feelings and your thoughts about it. Don't forget to check my account and my other articles. Until next time...... SEE YAAAAAA..........

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