So I'm doing the Get To Know Me Challenge created by @TypicalGirl48.

16.What are your five greatest accomplishments?

I am only 17 so I am not sure if I know five accomplishments but I'll try my best

1. Get trough school

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Scholl was never easy for me I was/am shy and my dreads where never good.The teachers never thought I wold make it to eleven grade. But now, her I am and again I am about to not make it. But till this day I got always trough school even thought it looked always like I need to repeat class.

2. Get more confident

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I always was shy and looked always on the floor 'cause I hate to look people in the eyes but if I look back at my five area old self I am way more confident then before. Don't get me wrong I am still shy but not as shy as 12 years back.

3. Find Friends

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Because I got more confident and learned who I am, it was easier for me to get to know new people trough my interests. I found it easier to talk to people and get new friends.

4. Find out who I am

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Trog the years I my interests changed but after a long while I found out what I like and figured out how to be confident with the special things about me. I love Video games and was at first to shy to tell anyone 'cause not many girls play shooter and stuff but with the time I got more confident and learned to accepted me.

Ok thats it I don't find a fifth one but I hope you still enjoed

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