So I'm doing the Get To Know Me Challenge created by @TypicalGirl48.

So firstly sorry I haven't wrote an article so long, my iMac broke and I couldn't write one from my phone so I couldn't write.
Secondly I wanna thank you for 1000 Followers Thank you so so so much, I really appreciate that and it means a lot to me.
Enough with that I will post all articles that I missed in a row so
Day 14
Describe 5 strengths you have.

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1. Observant

I don't say much but I know everything because I listen all the time

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2. I am really creative

I love designing things and work with all kinds of techniques to try out new things.

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3. Positive

I try to see always something positiv, even in the worst situations I try and joke about more worse things.

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4. I never get really angry

I mean I can get any but I never shouted at a person or hurt them. everyone gets bissen sometimes but I just can't get angry even when someone breaks me.

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5. Independent

I can do everything on my own I don't show it cause as long as I have people around me that can do things for me I take their help but I could always do all the stuff on my own if I needed to.

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