Is it normal to be jelous of them? My friends...
Is it normal that everytime they touch you, a part of my heart breaks? Why don't you want me to do it? Why are you being so cold to me.

I feel weak, I think I can't resist it. Am I sick beacuse of it? Am I selfish or stupid? Mybe I am, maybe I'm not...The only thing that I know is that when I look at you I feel like everything is okay, I feel warm and conforted. And when you talk to me my heart beats faster, just like when you are in a rollercoaster and you are afraid of what's going to happen and what's happening...I feel like that when I'm with you, afraid and exited because of what's going to happen...

help me, I'm melting inside.
quotes, love, and red image
to you
from her to him.