i am full of chaos.

Chaos in my mind and in the way i love and life.

And this makes me unpredictable, but that ain't a problem.
We all can life a live that is planned all the way thru and of course some of us do that and like it. Those people look down at chaotic people like me and think " how is that possible to just flow from one moment to another and not even know what's going to on".

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So the thing is i like being spontaneously , because it brings so much adventure at my life and so many up and downs that every day is so full of experiences and unexpected wonderful moments.
There are times when you go out and you got things to do in the morning, but you got the possibility to drive to the next lake and jump into the water even you know you ain't got no towel, no clothes and no idea who is sitting next to you in that backseat.
Then the next morning you just go to whatever important meeting you got in your dirty and wet clothes.

Little moments when you just can't choose between chocolate and strawberry ice cream and suddenly you buy both and also banana, even if you know your bank account says you shouldn't. That ain't matter.

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It is that love which drives everybody crazy, imagine loving a chaotic person. You can never know what they are up to next and it can be so scary to fall in love with them.

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BUT look at it in another perspective: you start loving a person who finds beauty in your chaos and who defines oneself new everyday, once you accept that than you can fall in love with them every day again.

One night you two lay in a car and think of living somewhere else and the next morning you just drive away to that place , you don't know what's going to be there and what's going to happen, but you wanted to be there at one point so you just go on.

It is the chaotic people who drive you crazy and also those who get you to do things you never thought you would.

In every one of us is a little chaotic