nobody really understands the hard work it takes to dance though i sometimes think its better that way because it makes a show more magical for the audience not knowing about the 5 hour rehearsals and the long list of corrections the pressure of not forgetting any step but still acting like you've known the dance your whole life and having to smile through all your pain. You get used to it cause when your doing what you love you fill free and forget the pain. I started dancing when i was 11 though it has been my passion for as long as i can remember, whenever i dance i feel like i'm flying. Most people in my studio are better than me, have danced longer than me but i still work hard and improve this year i got into the company though i dance with the little dancers that are all younger than me, i still try my best. It's a bit disappointing when the cast list comes out and i already know i didn't get role i wanted sometimes its cause of my height but most times it's just because i'm not advanced enough, cause most roles are en pointe and i don't do pointe. I find it so intimidating watching the older girls dancing solos or lead roles especially in nutcracker although i'm always happy performing in the nutcracker cause i love the story no matter what part i'm in. I work my hardest and i've realised all you need is to do is try harder than your best and it pays off. My teacher asked me if i would like to skip two grades after i do my grade 3 exam and go to intermediate foundation i'm extremely excited and cant wait for next term will aslo be starting pointe so fingers crossed i do well in my exam and get a good role in this years nutcracker.

xx hope you enjoyed