i dream of running over fields holding hands.
i dream of picnics in flower fields.
i dream of spontaneous late night road trips.
i dream of campfires and roasting marshmallows.
i dream of deep conversations.
i dream of sticking your head out of the car and screaming because you love life.
i dream of singing as loud as you can to your favourite song together.
i dream of getting drunk in the forest and doing crazy shit because we are young and dumb.
i dream of fun game nights at someones house.
i dream of swimming in lakes on a hot summer day.
i dream of movie nights filling our bellies with popcorn.
i dream of dancing our butts off at festivals.
i dream of summer day boat rides.
i dream of admitting you have a crush on someone and then laughing about it.
i dream of dancing in the rain.
i dream of going roller skating in a rank.

i dream of stopping to take life so serious,
and start
laughing for the simplicity of laughing.
running for the simplicity of running.
smiling for the simplicity of smiling.
hugging for the simplicity of hugging.
living for the simplicity of living. and not worrying about a damn thing.

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