Heyyy dear people !
Today, i'm gonna make a tag, the "SKAM tag" !
Let's do it !!

Favorite group/squad

skam, sana, and chris image skam, noora, and eva image beautiful, skam, and instagram image gif, skam, and chris berg image
of course the girl squad ! they're soooo GOAL !!

Favorite character(s)

skam, herman tommeraas, and boy image herman, skam, and chris image
Chriiiis baae ! He's so underrated !
gif, eva mohn, and skam image skam, eva, and wallpaper image
Eva is my fav character of all !
skam and noora image skam, noora, and beauty image
Noora is perf ! Her syle, her lipstick, damn i love it !

Favorite couple

Image removed
Chris and Eva, but they not together so i will choose :
skam, isak, and evak image ship, love, and henrik holm image black and white, love, and gay image and, black and white, and gif image
They are fucking cute together !

Character that i hated at first and then loved

skam, ulrikke falch, and vilde image vilde, skam, and ulrikke falch image skam, vilde, and ulrikke falch image gif, vilde, and skam image
At the beginning, i found her superficial, but at the end, she's a good personn and i finally love her !

Character that should've had a season

skam, chris, and boy image
Chris, i find his character very interessant and it's so sad that we don't know much about him
skam, even, and boy image
Even because even if we see him in season 2, we don't know a lot of thing about him, his past and everything
skam, ulrikke falch, and vilde image
Vilde, i don't know, i will love to know more about her

Worse couple

couple, series, and william image black and white, couple, and smile image norway, skam, and black and white image skam, william, and couple image
It's not the worse, but i don't understand why they are together

Were you one of those people who wanted Chris boy to have a season?

chris, gif, and scam image chris, eva, and skam image
YYESSS ! Because we could know more about Chris-Eva and his life

Most beautiful friendship?

Temporarily removed skam, noora, and eva image
Noora and EVa ! It's remind me my best friend and me !
Image removed skam, eva, and jonas image
Jonas and Isak ! The serie don't talk enough about them !

Phrase that i liked the most

There is a lot !

“Hate doesn’t come from religion, it comes from fear.” — Sana

skam and sana image

“Du er ikke alene” — Isak (you're not alone)

boy, boys, and gay image

“It’s very painful to feel heartache and you’ll think its never going to end, but it does.” — Eskild

gif, skam, and evak image

And finally :
"Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always." —Noora

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The most stylish character

Image removed Image removed Image removed skam, yellow, and girl image
Noora for sure !!

Character i would like to have as a friend

gif, vilde, and sana image
Sanaaaa ! She's so mature, and kind and protective with her friends !!

Did you feel like getting to know Oslo, the capital of Norway?

alternative, city lights, and norway image
Not enough, but i want to visit Oslo !!

Is skam a copy of skins?

Image removed mitch hewer, nicholas hoult, and series image
NOT AT ALL ! It's very different because the character in Skam (for myself) are like, more closer than us. We can indentify ourselve to us, not with Skins characters (i don't know if you get it lol)

The message of skam ?

black, chris, and eva image

I fucking love SKAM.

That's it !
Hope you like this !
I love you !