day 2; write something that someone told you about yourself that you never forgot.

1."& know what else? your heart is made of gold." this one was said to me by one of my online friends, it will forever hold a place in my heart and it makes me really happy, although i don't talk to that particular friend anymore yet his words will forever be in my heart.

2."i love your voice." my voice, esp. over the phone, is one of my insecurities, so when someone told me that they love my voice, i melted.

3."you've always been a source of happiness and never anything saddening, i look up to you." maybe she doesn't look up to me and they were just words but i'll never forget them nonetheless.

4."you have such a fat stomach, try to suck it in, maybe it will work." this was said to me when i was in six grade, and it was said by one of teachers, and she told me that while standing beside another teacher. i was hurt.

anywayyyy that's it, i just wanted to say that words have such a great effect over us, they can burn, they can hurt but they also can send you over the moon, one must be careful over what they say. i hope only positive words will make their places into your heart and never anything negative, see ya tomorrow.