Hello! I've seen lots of This or That challenges, and enjoyed reading them, so I decided to try it out! Hope you like it! 😃

Summer or Winter

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Of course it's summer! Tropical beaches, refreshing drinks, dazzling sunglasses...

High Heels or Sneakers

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Sneakers are just so cool and trendy!

Cats or Dogs

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Cats, definitely! They're skeptical and mischievous, just like me!

Sunrise or Sunset

clouds, landscape, and nature image Image by Thousand Years
Sunsets are so romantic and beautiful!

Curly Hair or Straight Hair

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Curly hair might just spice up my straight forward life, you never know!

Money or Fame

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Fame is more important to me than money!

Books or Movies

book, flowers, and pink image book, flowers, and pink image
Certainly books! More space for imagination!

City or Countryside

city, light, and new york image city, new york, and light image
I love the busy city, from vivid lights to delicious aromas, the city is so fascinating!

Homesick or Adventurous

summer, friends, and beach image explore, nature, and travel image
Adventurous! I love exploring new places and meeting new people!

Bath or Shower

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Bath, because they're more comfortable and relaxing!

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