Hey guys! I don't really know if anyone started a challange with names of disney characters, if yes, every credit belongs to him or her! I hope you will like it, and feel free for doing it on your own. Let's see what I can show to you.
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Okay, first at first, I don't really want to show my real name to you, I want to be anonym for a time, but maybe later, I do this article with my real name, if anyone want this.

Little Alpha

L - Lumiere

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I - Iridessa

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T - Timon

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T - Tarzan

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L - Lady

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E - Eeyore

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A - Ariel

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L - Lago_

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P - Pumba

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H - Hercules

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A - Alice

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I hope you liked it, and sorry for my anonymity, but I dn't really want to show you who I really am, but one day maybe I will. Thanbk you for reeading this and clicking here. If you liked it, just smash that heart button or leave a cute reaction here. have a really good day and don't forget, never give up, you can do it!