It's been a while since we are apart and it took me almost a year to forget about us.

All the thing we've done
All the thing we've said
All the thing we've promised
and all the thing we could have been.

I focused mainly on my works and you seem to have done the same, you've always been like that--- and too bad that it became the reason we came to an over.

I used to wait for your text and your calls, hoping you'll come back.
You never did.

but now I know that my feeling is completely over.
I looked at you but my heart doesn't feel anything anymore, I don't get butterfly anytime you post something either in FB or IG no more, I stopped waiting for your text and your calls.

And I hope you find someone and treat her better--- better than what you've done to me.

I hope you give her time
I hope you care and treasure her
I hope you make her happy
I hope you don't become selfish...