So, I recently graduated high school (around late May of 2017 to be exact) and as I believe most of you know, there is these big pressure for us to be already accepted and ready to go to college. Well, I had that pressure from my parents, most of my friends and even the school. I've always struggled to decide what I want to study since I like a huge variety of this. From interior design to law to medicine; in other words A LOT of different things that are not even related in most ways. With all that senior pressure and expectations from my parents and the school, I decided to study medicine and applied to one of the colleges here in my hometown or city.

Time passed and it was already graduation day. I still had not heard from the university whether I was accepted or not. I took the tests, SATs and even had the interview with the dean of the med faculty as they requested and still no word from them. This was stressful yet I was calm and just decided to give it time. I enjoyed my prom, my graduation and my last senior days. I saw how my parents 'showed off' they future cardiovascular surgeon daughter to all of their friends and that in some ways, added more and more to my almost full glass of 'pressure'.

A week after my graduation, I heard from the university and... I WAS ACCEPTED!!! Everyone was exited and don't get me wrong, I was as well however not that much as I should've been. I don't know exactly how to explain it but I just didn't feel it, I knew something was off yet I couldn't put my finger on it. I was going to start January 2018, so in the meantime I decided to travel and get a job just to survive those 6 months and do something useful.

As I was halfway through my 6 month vacation, I realized that I was still having some doubts about medicine. Don't get me wrong, I love it. I love to help people and most importantly to study and get a better understanding on how the human body works (it is a never ending mystery for me -- well, that is how I see it).

I've always believed that if you have your doubts on something, then it is not what you really want. Therefore, I took the decision that I only could take for myself; take a sabbatical year to discover myself -- who I am and what I like. Taking that decision might have been the easy part, the hard part would be my parents. 50 seconds, 50 seconds of courage or nothing -- that's kind of like my motto. I gathered my family at the living room and just spilled the beans. At first, they were all at shock and no one dared to say anything (I think they were still processing it). I thought that no bomb was going to explode but, I was mistaken. My dad, went crazy, he did not accept that and said that I would just be throwing one year of my life away. I know he was just taking care of me but my mind was set. Now I am here, mid August of 2018 and enjoying my sabbatical year.

Honestly, this has been by far THE BEST decision of my life. I will start college in 2019 as undecided... With all of this being said, basically I just wanted to let you know (however is reading this) that sometimes taking some time to figure what you want is not that bad as most people make it look. Sometimes it is necessary. I think what I am trying to say here is that you should do and take this decision for your own good and not because you want to satisfy your parents. Take it from someone who has done this already, it will help you clear your mind.

So, if you are filling lost just like I am, make YOUR OWN decision whether it is to take a sabbatical year or to go to college and try out whatever you choose and see if you like it. Just, remember that this decision is the one you have to take on your own and basically it is what will shape your future, so it is not bad if you need one year; just DON'T leave your studies because like I said before, they are your future and discover yourself before taking any life changing decisions...

P.S.: If you by any chance need to speak to someone about this and/or just need some guidance, I am here for you. Don't be afraid to reach out to me.