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I need to give a big thank you to my best friend.
I've learned news from you , that your moving. Man, I thought I had my whole life planned out with you. The road trips, the boys, parties. Realizing I met you at such a young age being only in grade 6 . Learning so much from you and never knowing how much you would change my mind and perspectives on things.

You tried your best to just help me grow, I appreciate it. I never thought a goodbye was needed, because I always knew I would see you again, but I guess you will be gone. I won't be able to run to you when I have a shitty day or when my boyfriend breaks up with me. I will need the support that I never appreciated , until I realized I only have five more months with you.

Seeing you dance and sing like today, just making me realizing how much you mean to me. I've already spent nights crying over how much you have changed me , well I guess I'm never going to be happy or settle with myself since I'm going to realize your are not going to be here with me day and night when I need you. I think I just need time to realize that I need to let you grow and just become the beautiful person you will become.

I just never knew I would meet someone that don't deserve me. I think I never will be able to tell what the future will be like. It just sucks that I need to make each time with you the best time ,but all I'm going to remember is the times you would dance to any song and how many times you went along with my stupid ideas, talking to guys, drinking, seeing the glow up and just learning how to care for someone else rather than just myself. I'm going to struggle to realize that I can't come over to go for a drive or eat a big bowl of ice cream until my stomach hurts. I'm just going to know you aren't there , because your trying to live your best life. I just wish the best for you and love you as a friend, i just need you to know that.

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