Woowie I haven't written an article for this collection in a long time. It's been a crazy two weeks. We've had a statewide teacher walkout so I've been walking at the state capital for the last two weeks so my calves are lookin on point. This article will probably be pretty flipfloppy. I'm in sort of a weird place right now. You see, I've sort of been slacking on the yoga lately but I have increased my workouts and the difficulty levels of them. I do about 30 minutes of cardio everyday on the treadmill and lately I've had to increase the speed because it's become too easy. I try to do strength training every other day but it's hard because I'm just starting to build the muscles so I get really sore and I don't want to risk doing too much and having an injury. That happened to me when I started yoga and pushed myself too hard. I hurt my elbow and had to baby it for a few weeks til it was back to normal. My most at risk areas are my knees and ankles. Bad ankles and knees run in my family and I injured one of my ankles a few years ago and it hurts every now and then if i overwork it. (Part of the reasons it's been so hard to stick to an exercise plan). Anyways with doing so much treadmill, (I wear an ankle brace when I exercise), it has been getting stronger. it can go much longer and harder without me having a problem so I'm optimistic that I can strengthen it enough someday where it wont hurt. I've had to ice it too of course when it gets really bad but that is mostly when I've gone hiking on uneven turf or climbing. When I'm on the treadmill it's flat and predictable turf so I don't have a problem. So yeah, my cardio is showing some results endurance wise and speed wise but not so much mirror wise. I haven't weighed myself since March 25th and when I had I had only lost a pound which hey is better than gaining I guess. So I have no idea how my routine is going on a scale level but I'm hoping the numbers are going down. And if not I hope I am gaining muscle. I always try to think more positively when I workout. Instead of thinking, "I am going to lose pounds right now", I think, "I am getting stronger right now. I am getting faster. I am getting better." that helps a lot. As for the strength training...well squats are hard to do because of my knees so I've been trying more yoga based inner thigh and butt exercises but so far not many results that I can see anyway. My upper body workout though...okay so let me tell you right now this might be tmi but....my boobs feel bigger. I'm sure that they are not actually bigger because if I am losing any fat than they would get smaller but they seem bigger because I am strengthening my chest and upper body. So they are now stting on top of muscle instead of fat I guess and so they seem bigger. At first it was just me who noticed because hello, I know my body best. But then my mom and sister said something about it too. It's sort of weird for me because I've never really been especially wanting to show them off or really get any attention for them before. I am trying to embrace my femininity more and be confident in it because that is something I have struggled with in the past. I have to accept that it's okay to be proud to be a woman and to love that I'm a woman. Society has taught me otherwise. Wow this article went a different direction. Sorry for the swerve. Anyway, I think in order to see results faster is too combine yoga, daily workouts and healthy eating. So far I have been able to do one out of the three consistently but not all three at once for more than a couple of days. I weigh in in almost exactly 2 weeks so I hope I will be satisfied with results if not in numbers in the way I feel.