I'm tired of it, okay? I do not understand anything. I hate thinking about that all the stuff that I´m learning right now, it´s not going to serve for nothing in my future. They tell us to enjoy life, but, we have to play by their rules, and follow the schedule, but the big question is why?, why do we have to keep following all this rules? why aren't we able to follow our passions? They force us to follow a list of things to do, and sometimes that is not a good thing. I know, there are people that already know what they will do in all their parts of their lives, and that's okay, I do not judge them for it, however, there are people like some of us that do not know what they want to study, or how do they look at themselves in five years...and that's okay, okay? Because people change, and with them, their decisions. And even that you may say that I´m contradicting myself...that scares me a little. I do know what I want to be in life, but I'm scared that things may not workout like I want them to work, "what if I am not good enough for it?" These question has been in my head for all week, and I don´t like to think about myself as a person that isn't able to become the best version of her. I want to inspire people, in all ways that I'm able to...and I hope that I'm doing it here, and some day...around the world.

- Paulina

Sorry for getting so inspired that my article won't make sense, but will inspire you. (I hope so).