My article on the use of Take away coffee cups was fairly successful and i recived good feedback on it but i feel that i could be doing more.

So iv'e come up with a little bit of a challenge, i'm not going to be the first to do this and hopefully not the last but it's something i want all you lovely people to participate in.

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The Coffee Cup Challenge;

- For either 5 days (a school week) or 7 days (a full week), bring your own reusable mugs to cafes to use instead of one of their take away cups.

This is totally not an excuse to by a cute new mug shhhhhh

I will be writing on how the people reacted and weather or not a discount was offered for the use of my own mug, i think it'll be an interesting experiment and i hope it's one you will test yourself.

Maybe even by the end of the week i will prefer the use my own mug to a disposable one.

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The first thing i am going to do and i encourage you to do is do a quick search to see what cafes already encourage the use of BYO mugs.

There's an organisation called 'Responsible Cafes' that list cafes globally that offer BYO mugs (it's an Australian based organisation so it may not list anything in your country BUT you can ask your local cafes to sign up and they will be added to the map).
They also have plenty of info on the issue of disposable take away cups.

Responsible Cafes

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I was lucky enough to find 8 cafes with in 10 minutes of my house that offer bring your own mugs!

Starting Monday i will be trying to use my own mug and il report back to you guys how it goes!
Your support for this challenge and this cause is very much appreciated xx
We can do this!

My article on Coffee Cups Waste
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