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1. Kodaline - My favorite song of them is brother and all I want their amazing🙈❤️ 2.The 1975 I love the song 'don't you mind?' 3. Blink 182 4. My chemical romance I love the songs 'mama' etc 5.the killers Mr. bright side is my favorite! 6. Dodie Omg I love all. Of her songs lol 7.Vance Joy He has an amazing voice, his music is absolutely the perfect thing to listen to Olin the morning or whenever, PS: I love 'Saturday sun'! 8. Daya I love Dayas voice her songs are amazing to listen to on a summer morning or whenever. 9. Jeremy Zucker I love everyday and head afloat acoustic versions and talk is overrated. 10. Pop punk powerhouse I love it!

I know that this is not much but with my JW I don't know if I could do so much right now tbh, but next time I do an article I will do way more I promise! So if any requests just text me it ily guys!!! PS: I'm sorry there isn't that much music on here😩😔 but next time there will be more and hopefully that will be soon❤️❤️but the music I did put on here I hope you 😊