At one point in life everyone feels like they aren't enough or they feel really insecure and start comparing themselves to others. To anyone reading this, you're beautiful from the inside and out. Love yourself more than others and take a second to think about why you're such an amazing and beautiful person. No matter what, always remember that there's something about you that nobody will ever have. You are your own and unique person. If there comes a time when you feel some type of way, ALWAYS REMEMBER that you are truly beautiful. Wanna know how to be confident ? well just always remind yourself that you are such a gorgeous person and always have positive thoughts. Being confident about you thinking that you are pretty isn't being conceited at all because when you know your worth, nothing and nobody can bring you down. Feeling and looking pretty is a great feeling especially when you are confident about it. Stop wishing you looked like someone else or have the same features as someone else because without your body, personality and your face, you wouldn't be you. Took me a long time to gain confidence in myself and stop being insecure and I finally realized that I'm beautiful and amazing. I gained so much love for myself and I'm glad that I did because I'm obsessed with myself now. Love your flaws and imperfections and most importantly, LOVE YOURSELF FOR YOU !

Blog by gennese . xoxo ..