Alright there lovely people! Since my very first article went viral (You guys are crazy!) I thought about doing another review btu this time I will talk about one book only. And yet again it is about the power of reading and about how simply words can make one happy, cry, or even depressed. So here we go again.
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As you guys probably already know I will talk about the book "We were liars" by E. Lockhart. It took me quite a while to be able to talk about it, because this book is freaking destroying me still. So in advance a little warning, if you could call it one: Please be sure to be mentally healthy. This book isn't as dramatic as "All the bright places" topicwise but it could reopen old wounds. Don't get me wrong here Jeniffer Niven did an awesome job writing that book, as well as E. Lockhart but if you are fragil than I would recommend to not read it (at least at the moment).

Is that story really that good?:

We were liars is a very short story about a girl who is visiting her grandfathers island almost every year. On this private island she, her cousins and her crush have basically the time of there lives. I am not going to tell you much of the story because I think you should definetly
read it yourself becaus it really is worth it. Even if you should get bored soemhow, don't give up. At some point nothing will make sense. Eventually you will understand. And if it is time, you will feel sorry - this is what words make us feel. The pain of the characters, the joy of the summer adventures, the creation of a detailed movie, whose director is you.

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Special somethings I love about the book:

First of all: The Cover. If I am right, what I kind of think I am

I think this very picture is when Candace hallucinates and sees the other liars.

this picture is a specific scene in the book. And if so my love for this book just grew more (if this is even possible).

The map and family tree:

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Without these special features you wouldn't survive this story because it is very complicated to follow along the many characters and places mentioned in the book. But they are definetely not only useful but pretty, too.

The houses on the Island:

I love how every family has its own house with its own specific name and its own memories.

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Favourite quotes:
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Alright fellows, I want to thank you for your support and the appreciation you give me every single day. That really does mean a lot to me. As always I hope that you guys enjoyed reading this article and hopefully we discuss on this as much as on "The end of the f***ing world". Thank you, guys! Stay sweet xoxo Sam

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