And there we were, at 4am in the morning
me sitting on your lap and telling you all about my life, my dreams, my biggest fears
you listening to me and looking at me with all that excitement that i finally opened up to you
that i finally trusted you to tell you all my secrets, all my darkest thoughts, to tell you, everything.
At that moment i felt like i found myself, like my life had a new beginning and all my dark past had left my mind and the only thing i could feel and think was this feeling of happiness that i finally felt alive.
With you everything felt right, i felt safe, i felt happy, i felt like i was home.
I really loved talking to you about anything it was just something about you. I don't really know what it was.
You just had this thing about you that everytime i saw you my heart was beating fast and i couldn't keep my eyes off of you. I trully loved being around you. I loved seeing your face.

I remember the day you told me that nothing bad was ever going to happen.
But look at as now, not knowing if we are alive, not knowing if something bad happened, not knowing anything about each other's lives.

It just breaks my heart cause you were the only person i really had to talk to and just be happy no matter what had happen that day. With you i felt like the time had stopped and everything was good.

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I just really miss you and i hope you're doing well.