Hi everyone!
I've seen this challenge everywhere and I really wanted to try it out.


Winter or Summer

snow, city, and winter image winter, city, and snow image
Winter is my choice, I would love if snow was a normal thing where I live.

Spring or Autumn

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Autumn for sure, I love rain and I enjoy Halloween.

Sunrise or Sunset

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Wherever you are at the moment of sunset, you know that it always turns out great.

Night or Day

flowers, lace, and light image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Even though I love stars, nighttime is so scary and sincerely you do everything during the day.

Curly or Straight Hair

girl, hair, and green image hair, blonde, and hairstyle image
I'm choosing curly hair since I have straight hair and I'm tired to see it everyday xD.

Fruits or Vegetables

fruit, food, and healthy image food, fruit, and lips image
I could eat only fruits every meal and I would be happy.

Cats or Dogs

Temporarily removed animal, chow chow, and dog image
I have a lab actually♥

Chocolate or Candy

Temporarily removed Image by Juste Vicky
Even though I love chocolate, my love for gummy bears and worms will never end.

Burguer or Pizza

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I love pizza okay.

Roses or Sunflowers

rose, flowers, and pink image flowers, rose, and pink image
No matter what they say, I don't think roses are basic, they are really pretty.


Thanks for reading♥