Hi everyone!
I've seen this challenge everywhere and I really wanted to try it out.


Winter or Summer

building building
Winter is my choice, I would love if snow was a normal thing where I live.

Spring or Autumn

autumn autumn
Autumn for sure, I love rain and I enjoy Halloween.

Sunrise or Sunset

buildings city
Wherever you are at the moment of sunset, you know that it always turns out great.

Night or Day

indie aesthetic
Even though I love stars, nighttime is so scary and sincerely you do everything during the day.

Curly or Straight Hair

blonde beauty
I'm choosing curly hair since I have straight hair and I'm tired to see it everyday xD.

Fruits or Vegetables

food food
I could eat only fruits every meal and I would be happy.

Cats or Dogs

Superthumb animal
I have a lab actually♥

Chocolate or Candy

aesthetic bear
Even though I love chocolate, my love for gummy bears and worms will never end.

Burguer or Pizza

cheese delicious
I love pizza okay.

Roses or Sunflowers

flowers flowers
No matter what they say, I don't think roses are basic, they are really pretty.


Thanks for reading♥