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So I’ve been tagged by Kara to do Caylie’s ‘Imperfection Tag’ and here it is! This is an amazing tag idea which honestly makes you think a lot. Their links and articles are down below.

⇰ What Is Your Definition Of Perfection?

Sometimes, it means something flawless, something totally and actually perfect. But sometimes, it means being able to do the best you can with all the troubles you have. It’s being able to accept these problems and working around them.

⇰ Do You Fear Perfection? Why or Why Not?

Kind of, yes, because like what Kara said, you know you can’t improve anymore. You don’t know what to do next, and you’ll often start getting proud and start to lose it too. And it’s kind of scary because, perfection is hard to achieve and hard to come by...will it stay with you forever? Or was it just luck?

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⇰ How Would You Imagine A Perfect World?

Peace. No world hunger. No wars. Equality. Animals treated less badly. Everyone respecting and being kind to one another. There’s so many factors to how I imagine a perfect world.

⇰ Are You A Perfectionist? Why or Why Not?

In some things, yes, but in others no. I like things to be neat and tidy, but when I really don’t care, I actually really don’t care. I don’t know about this one, but I’ll say in between for now.

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⇰ Describe A Moment When Nothing Went As Planned

Starting at my new school.
I told myself and I would give it a chance and try and not get sad over little things. But I did. I cried at night during the first whole week at my new school because I never felt accepted during that first week (long story). I thought I would be able to overcome this, but I didn’t.
But now I have amazing friends there and I’m feeling so much better, and I’m glad that has happened.

⇰ What Is One Imperfection You Think You Have and Why? (physical OR emotional characteristic)

I get distracted easily whenever I can’t afford to get distracted. When I’m doing my homework, I know I shouldn’t interfere and acknowledge things happening around me so as to finish my work, but my head just can’t handle it and absorbs everything being said (unless I’m listening to music). I often get in trouble for interfering with whatever my sister says and so...yep.

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⇰ What Is One Feature You Love About Yourself (why)? (physical OR emotional characteristic)

I am often told I can still handle things under stress and not “fail” and stumble. Sometimes I may make a few mistakes, but overall, apparently, I still deliver under stress. I think that’s something I really love about myself.

⇰ Your Thoughts On Perfection?

No one can be perfect. We’ve just got to do our best with our little imperfections.

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⇰ When Do You Feel Perfect?

When I get something difficult and challenging for me done and manage to achieve something amazing because I know I’ve worked around my imperfections to get there; when I manage to “perfect” something I’ve been working out...there’s many of these little moments for me sometimes.

⇰ How Do You Accept Imperfection?

Everyone knows no one can’t be perfect. As long as you do your best to make it as perfect as possible, and you know that you’ve done your best, that’s how you, or I, accept my imperfections.

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