Hello sweet people,
Today I decided to do a different article, even if it always talk about things that can improve your mood, your confidence and make you feel better.


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Well, I have recently found out how lucky I am to have people next to me and all I need, like you. I'm growing day to day and you don't know how I like being alive and being myself. Seriousy, think of having a big gift like a more day is a thing that always can improve my mood. Try it, don't complain for a day and try to enjoy it!


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Feel him/ her! You don't imagine how beautiful is to be free. And you are, always remember it, because you can do what you want. Find the beauty in every part of your body and your soul, discover yourself, expose the real you, enjoy it with all your heart! How wonderful is to have yourself?


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I have always liked people. They makes me feel so good. I'm really in love with people and their personalities, their different bodies, their amazing souls, their movements, faults and beauties. The support! All the support we can give to others, the feelings and the power. And also, how wonderful is to spread and receive love everyday?


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Always remember that you are and always have been free and able to decide how you want to live your life. Because life is only yours. If things don't go how you would want, well, think to your future, it will be so beautiful and bright, like you want!


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The top. Passions make me alive. Philosophy, looking and discovering people, studying them, ancient languages, writing, school, but also love, my twin, morning, routine, things to do, always have something to look for and expecially life. Life, the reason because I'm here. She's beautiful, girls, always be glad to have her!

Thanks for all, guys. You're one of these reasons. I love you so much.

P.S. A little playlist to hear the life:

Rachel Platten - Fight Song
American Authors - Best day of my life
Hailee Steinfeld - Love myself
Kelly Clarkson - Heartbeat song
One Republic - Good Life