"I couldn't deny it
or admit it
The starry sky was our companion
The sea was resplendent
and I couldn't believe it
A simple caress, nothing more
with our cheeks all red
we would have never confessed
that we would have done anything
to never let go of each other
A great hand surrounded mine
I was safe, I was happy
I wanted you and no one else
My chest was pounding
Maybe, finally
I had gotten close to your heart
that seemed so distant."

I remember writing this on one of my happiest days. Our hands touched and I felt something deep inside of me. A feeling so ancient that when is liberated shakes the seven seas and the ground beneath my feet.
Sometimes I like to read some of my things out of the blue ( this was written almost a year ago) and I realise how much I've changed and how much I've grown.

ps: since the original was in italian ( my first language) I'd like to leave it below.

"Non potevo negarlo
non volevo ammetterlo
Il cielo stellato era nostro compagno
Il mare risplendeva di luci
E io non potevo crederci
Una semplice carezza, niente di più
con le guance tutte rosse
non volevamo confessare
che avremmo fatto di tutto
per non lasciarci più
Una grande mano avvolgeva la mia
ero al sicuro, ero felice
Volevo te e nessun altro
Il mio petto si irradiava
forse, finalmente
Mi ero avvicinata al tuo cuore
che sembrava così lontano."