Mason's POV

It's difficult being a part of this family. It's lonely. I'm lonely. It often feels like I am going insane because my view differs from those around me so greatly. My parents are hardcore Christians. I have to sneak out of my house to even attend this party. They'd die if they knew I was going to be surrounded by alcohol and rap music. Even worse, sex. I joined track so I could spend less time here yet do something outdoors since I spend most nights awake coding. Hacking, if you will. I'm grateful to have befriended Levi. It's always been difficult for me to maintain relationships. Or even have friendships. It's almost like a package deal. You befriend Levi and gain four other friends as well. Ivy is in my head telling me to hurry up to the party. I peek out my bedroom door to make sure the tv is off. If the tv is off, dad is sleeping. I slip back into my room and quietly leave out my bedroom window. I tell Ivy I'm on my way.

I walk into the mansion and it is packed out. I started to get anxious, so I went to find alcohol. Uncertain if that would actually solve the issue or make it worse. "You're here!," Ivy announced. "I thought you'd back out," she said, handing me a drink. I took a sip and shrugged. I spotted Cora playing beer pong with some guys. They were looking at her like a piece of meat and that made me feel angry. She did look stunning. I wondered what it would feel like to be most of the guys in this room. Confident, charming, and fit in with the others. I was never like them and I never will be. Levi was right. Cora would never go for a guy like me. I'm too anonymous and awkward. She's out of my league. Maybe that's why I want her so bad. I gulped down the rest of my drink and went to get another. Ivy was dancing with Luna. I watched the crowd around them grow bigger and bigger. I had to get way more drunk to get myself out there dancing. The plan was to get drunk fast.