Nowadays there is a trend on YouTube with the "personal alphabet". I like it. It's funny and interesting.

So, for each letter I will write a word that is representative to me.

disney and la bella durmiente image
A - Aurora because it's my favorite name
quotes, words, and inspiration image
B - blog because I can write what I think without being scared of what others think
cedric, gif, and harry potter image
C - Cedric because I like this name
quotes, Heathers, and grunge image
D - diary because in my diary there are all my memories
education, mariage, and life image
E - education because it is he key for succes
summer, beach, and travel image
F - freedom because I am a free spirit
cello, violoncello, and gautier capucon image
G - Gautier Capuçon ♥️
amor, cure, and iphone image
H - happiness
Temporarily removed
I - inspiration it is a colourful sky
boys, celebrities, and family image
J - Jonas Brothers
facebook, link, and like image
K - Khatia Buniatishvilli
ask, karasevda, and kemal image
L - love because I love to love
baby and love image
M - mother because I love my mom
city, travel, and new york image
N - New York
black and white, classic, and classic music image
O - orchestra because I want to play in an orhestra
nicolò and paganini image
P - Paganini because he's the greatest violinist in the world
demi lovato, makeup, and demi image
Q - queen
flowers, pink, and rose image
R - rose because is one of my favorite flowers
strawberry, food, and fruit image
S - strawberry because it's my favorite fruit
food, dessert, and tiramisu image
T - tiramisu because it's my favorite dessert
my little pony, pony, and grunge image
U - unicorn
music, violin, and instrument image
V - violin because it is the instrument that I play
Temporarily removed
- virgo because it's my sign
Temporarily removed
W - woman because we our powerful and beautiful

X -

johnny depp image
Y - young
Temporarily removed
Z - zodiac because it's very interesting