1 August 1935
Once upon a time at the Mountain of Osa in outside the village of Sklythro there were two siblings John and Kleanthis living there in a stone made house. One night a storm was making thunders bang and the wind blow while the waterdrops were heavy. The two siblings fought for the scarf of the fairy which was taken from her by both of them. They first fought with words and then fists weren’t far away but things soon got out of control and John took out his shotgun and killed his own brother for the hand of the lovely mythical lady. However while the two siblings were fighting over the fairy, she found her scarf and left them. After that John never smiled again and never went back to the village. 30 years later he vanished and was nowhere to be found. It is said that since then whenever there are such bad storms you can hear Kleanthis’s painful gasps and screams and three days before and three days after the incidents anniversary if you walk by the small house you can see shadows and smoke coming out.

Summer 2017
The village in the season of winter is only aparted by elders waiting for their children and grandkids to come for summer vacations. There are plenty of elders living there fighting having fun, talking but that’s only the rest of the year, in the summer everyone is happy having their families there.

Families retreating to the nature, the high mountains, lovely isles , the magical sea trying to find piece get away from the awful routine of the rest of the year. That time of the year everyone in Sklythro is happy to see their families and reunite with them. Tell one another how was the restof the year.
Katherine is a girl living in Thessaloniki with her older brother and her parents. In Sklythro she has her grandmas sister her grandparents died 5 years ago. Jason is also from Thessaloniki in with his father and sister. In Sklythro he came to visit his grandparents. And then there are the twins who comes from that wonderful city as well. They are coming to sklythro to visit their grandparents. The boys contact one another, only Nicholas and Katherine go out together sometimes and they talk, the others are making fun of him.
In Larisa lives Kristina and Darren. Kristina lives with her parents and her younger siblings and in sklythro she has her grandpa who is also Darrens who lives with his parents and his younger brother and in sklythro he also goes to see his grandma from hisother parent. And then we have Finn who is from Volos and in the village he goes to his grandma.

Chapter i
“Katherine Derek the kids are here to pick you” Mrs. Papadopoulos said and soon the twoof them appeared running out “Dad imma take the car” the older broher of Katherine said “Okay but be careful” their father advised him. The siblings walked outside to find their friends waiting for them “So boys with me” Derek stated and every boy of the group ran behind him another car with a girl she had dark hair and eyes like Jasons… well duuh she was his sister Ariadne but everybody is calling her Aria. She goes at PaMak with Derek. “So girl get on” she exclaimed and alle the girls went in.

Kristina was in the front seat near Aria behind her was Finn and near her Kathy. “So you must be happy.” Kathy said not making clear to who she was referring. “What” Aria asked looking confused. “Well you and my brother decided to drive us to the colony down at Isiomata. And all of that out of the blue. “ Kathy explained “Yeah you guys! Last year we would beg you to do it” Finn added she was the oldest girl of the gang but not older than Derek and Aria, she has green eyes and brown hair. Finn was always protective towords everyone since she had no siblings of her own. “Well we said we would drive you once supposing it wont become a daily routine.” Aria answered the girls sitting in the back seat as she noticed Kristina looking nervous. “Kriss you feelin’ alright?” Aria asked “Yeah “ Kris answered trying to convince not only the others but herself as well. “It’s the roads you don’t trust me “ Aria smiled. “No, its not personal… I don’t event trust my father I these roads because I do not have doubts of yours or his driving abilities but it’s the mountain it is possible that the road collapses or even worst what if we are buried alive. “ she stated . Silence fell in the girl’s car which was broken by Finn “So Kathy whats going on between you and Nick?” She asked the blonde girl with the blue eyes who was sitting beside her. “Well he is sweet but he is afraid and to be honest I am as well, I never had a relationship before” Kathy came out . “Whaat “ Kriss and Finn shouted scaring the crap out of Aria who presse automatically the brake making the car stop abruptly. “Don’t ever do that again” she told the girls who shouted. A minute later Derek appeared running towards them. “Girls are you alright” He asked while trying to catch his breath. “Dude we are fine you, on the other hand, look like you are about to pass out” Kathy joked… “I am not even going to ask why you stopped like that” He walked away looking pissed

“Don’t even ask” Derek told the younger than him boys who were on the vehicle with him “Do we even wanna know” James asked being the number one supporter of the ‘I don’t understand females’. “ They actually didn’t tell me what was going on. Aria just started talking shit about my physical condition.” Derek said as he started the cars engine. “ Well they are kind of right mate. “Darren informed the driver agreeing with the girls. “Backstabber” Derek laughed. “So what do you study again?” Jason asked “Dude he studies with your sister” Nicholas said to make him understand that it was not right to not care. Nicholas was always the caring one, caring about his friends his family, and in general the ones he loved, he was also sensitive. “Anyway I study environmental sciences… like your sister jackass.” Derek said. “Yes finally we are here” Jason said avoiding to answer as he opened the door and ran out side. “Dude wait” Nicholas shouted making Jason stop “Fiiine” he murmured.
“Kids us are gonna go to Mrs and Mr’s Koutsodonti to see Eyi and Chris. You make sure wherever you go you have signal. And be safe. Boys look after the girls” Derek advised the younger children. “Will you go to Mrs Helens or down at Soursoulego… Just don’t go at the sweetened, it was dangerous last year imagine now” Aria wwarned us as they left.

“So where will we go” Kristina asked the obvious question. “I would really go see Mrs Helen after what happened last year to her family, I hang out with her granddaughter and they all are a pretty mess.” Kathy said and her face darkened. “What happened again” Jason asked being completely out of subject. “Dude are you serious we went to the funeral of Mr Helia!!” Darren exclaimed. “Anyway. She lost her husband , Mr Nick the one with the artistic eye who made those pics and went fishing, some months later at Christmas she lost her father, i was not at his funeral I was went to see Iro her granddaughter at her aunts house. And the next summer ten days after her husbands memorial her son died. That was last summer.” Kathy informed them. “Ohh harsh and why isn’t this Iro hangin with us.” James said “She is a colony girl she hangs out with Maria Joan George Harry the two Theas and Matina.” Kathy said. “So where do we go?” James asked again, “Lets go down to sweetened “ Jason suggested “We are not allowed to go there” Finn argued crossing her arms “Lets go there guys how bad can it be” James encouraged them. “No way we are not going there” Darren said a bit loud “Dude that’s what we were told last year… didn’t seem to bother you back then.” Jason said. He threw quite the argument, everyone was persuaded seeing that Jason had a point and he did convince even Katherine and Nicholas who were the follow the rules child. “C’mon mate what could happened eveKathy and Nick are following suit.” Kristina said trying to calm Finn and Darren down